Avmount Cup Type Shock Mounts : Type AVC

AVC Cup Type Shock Mounts are specifically designed for the protection of equipment from high impact shocks, medium to high frequency vibrations and these therefore serve as a barrier against structure-borne noises. The latter is particularly useful for communication, radar, electronic and other sensitive equipment installed in vehicles, ships, aircraft and other mobile installations.

The movement of a vehicle over rough terrain or tracks on land, through inclement weather at sea or past gunfire or other explosions on land, sea or air, results in high impact, high frequency shocks being generated. Shocks are also the result because of careless or accidental handling of equipment during transit. AVC Cup Type Shock Mounts are useful in all such cases.

Our mounts in addition, provide vibration isolation from 40 cps upwards although this is dependent on the system resonant frequency.

AVC Cup Type Shock Mounts are compact in design and its mild steel components are so designed and assembled as to be self-captivating, that even if the rubber component is destroyed, the equipment still remains firmly attached to the supporting structure. The use of rubber in compression lends the characteristics of increased stiffness with deflection, thereby ensuring good shock protection without sudden bottoming. The characteristic of equal stiffness in all directions provides shock and vibration protection in all directions, whilst also allowing the isolators to be so installed that they are loaded either radially or axially, upright or inverted.

Applications of Mountings (Type AVC)

  • Electronic Equipment
  • Teleprinters
  • Defence Equipment

Dimensions of Mountings (Type AVC)

Technical Specifications of Mountings (Type AVC)

AVC-1000 Series

Type Number Load Range in kgs.
Mobile Application Static Application Maximum
AVC 1005 3-5 10
AVC 1010 5-10 20
AVC 1020 15-20 40
AVC 1025 20-25 50

AVC-2 000 Series

Type Number Load Range in kgs.
Mobile Application Static Application Maximum
AVC 2010 7-10 30
AVC 2015 9-15 35
AVC 2025 15-25 60
AVC 2035 25-35 80
AVC 2050 35-50 125
AVC 2070 50-70 150
AVC 2080 60-80 180

Capacity: Up to 80 kg per mounting for mobile application and up to 180 kg per mounting for static application.

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