Export Model in Avmount Machine Mounts : Type AMM

Our export model is the Avmount Machine Mounts: Type AMM. Like all other models this model too helps to make the environment free from inherent and external vibrations. Besides, the mounts also consist of oil and age resistant synthetic rubber. The compact mounts help in the optimal absorption of vibrations.


Dimensions of Export Model (Type AMM)

Technical Specifications of Export Model (Type AMM)

Avmount Machine Mounts AMM-10 AMM-20 AMM-30 AMM-40
Diameter 80 mm 120 mm 160 mm 200 mm
Min. Height Above the Floor 38 mm 46 mm 53 mm 63 mm
Adjustable Level 38-50 mm 46-59 mm 53-68 mm 63-78 mm
Bolt Thread: Standard M12 X 1.25 M16 X 1.5 M20 X 1.5 M20 X 1.5
Optional - M12 X 1.25 M16 X 1.5 M16 X 1.5
Bolt Length 125 mm 125 mm 175 mm 175 mm
Loading/Mount Machine Tool 50-500 kg 400-1000 kg 800-2000 kg 1500-4000 kg
Loading/Mount Power Presses
Max. Strokes/Min. 200 50-120 kg 100-250 kg 250-725 kg 500-1400 kg
160 60-140 kg 120-350 kg 350-1100 kg 750-2100 kg
Less than 125 70-200 kg 200-400 kg 400-1400 kg 1000-2800 kg

Mounting Procedure for Export Model (Type AMM)

1. Lift the machine above the floor.

2. Screw down the bolts into their respective guides.

3. Lower the machine so that it rests on the machine mounts.

4. Level the machine using a precision spirit level as illustrated.

5. Tighten the lock nut after levelling, to prevent any alterations in level while in operation.

6. The adjustable height of our mounting is as follows:

AMM 10 AMM 20
38-50 mm 46-59 mm
AMM 30 AMM 40
53-68 mm 63-78 mm

Should the levelling exceed this limit because of an uneven floor, then a spacer of appropriate diameter and thickness should be inserted between the machine base and the mount, to compensate for the difference in the floor level at any support point.

7. In some machines, the design of the base is hollow and the bolt hole provided is such that the mounting cannot be directly fixed to the base. In such cases, the machine is made to rest on an adequate size of flats and the mountings placed under them. The rest of the procedure is the same as discussed. The illustration is shown.

8. If the bolt lengths are more, the chamfered end may be cut to suit the machine. After cutting it to the required length, form a radius to suit the cup. This is necessary in the case of machine bases where pockets are provided.

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